Desire movie download in hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmymeet, Mp4moviez

Desire movie download in hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmymeet, Mp4moviez

Desire movie download in hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmymeet, Mp4moviez – An idea by Alex Kahanoff served as the basis for the 2017 period erotic thriller Desire, which was directed by Diego Kaplan and written by Erika Halvorsen. Along with Mónica Antonópulos, Guilherme Winter, Juan Sorini, and Andrea Frigerio, it features Carolina “Pampita” Ardohain in her first major role. In the movie, a young woman attends her estranged sister’s wedding in an effort to mend fences with her, but after meeting the groom, she finds herself falling for him.

Desire movie download in hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmymeet, Mp4moviez
Desire movie download in hindi Filmyzilla, Filmywap, Filmymeet, Mp4moviez

Desire Movie Story

Ofelia and Luca have never gotten along. They regret being sisters even more now. Today is Luca’s wedding day. After dating Juan for four years, she is getting married. The upbeat mother Carmen chooses to invite her daughter Ofelia to her firstborn’s wedding while simultaneously rejecting the obvious.

In fact, she wants to stop the rivalry between the two sisters who haven’t spoken to one another in seven years. Ofelia travels to the wedding with Andrés, the companion with whom she lives alone in the Amazonian wilderness. The sisters meet and remain captives in this trap despite their intense desire for one another. Ofelia came back more composed but wilder, more unfettered, and more perilous.

Strong and possessive Luca believes she is powerful despite the fact that she cannot control her husband’s passion. Juan and Ofelia fell in love with each other immediately. The sisters are forced to confront what naturally makes them different: Ofelia, the stormy and frail sister, has always been the most liberated in terms of her sexuality.

Through her sister, Luca has always had the desires. She was a voyeur and her disciple while spying on her. When Juan and Ofelia first meet, they both experience a disorienting fantasy that enchants their minds and compels their bodies to join.

The honeymoon stays for both couples are shared at “the dreamer” mansion of the cliff. There, the physical contact between Juan and Luca and Ofelia and Andrés happens to turn into an exorcism, a release, and an escape, but the two sisters are aware that they are doomed to seek the same man.

Desire Movie Cast

Carolina ArdohainOfelia / sister
Mónica AntonópulosLucía / sister
Juan SoriniJuan / Lucía’s husband
Guilherme WinterAndrés / Ofelia’s husband
Andrea FrigerioCarmen / mother
Sol Charo MartínezOfelia / joven-young
Agostina BettinelliLucía / joven-young (as Agostina Rosario Bettinelli)
Luciana SismondiCarmen / joven-young

Desire Movie Crew

Directed byDiego Kaplan
Written byErika Halvorsen

Erika Halvorsen

(written by)
Produced byFernando Sokolowicz
Diego Kaplan
Claudio Corbelli
Alex Kahanoff
CinematographyFederico Cantini
Edited byMarcelo “Mark” Martínez
Music byIván Wyszogrod
Production companiesAleph Media
Corbelli Producciones
Visual Problem

Desire Movie Review

The simplest way to describe this film is as what we Argentinians refer to as a “bazofia” (piece of excrement). Our film industry is supported by INCAA, a dishonest organization that never supports up-and-coming or underground artists who have worthwhile ideas to contribute.

No. Instead, it supports poor filmmakers like Diego Kaplan, who takes advantage of the opportunity to cast a model who has recently made headlines due to an affair she was the victim of. The girl’s inability to act and her stiffness and lack of expression are so uncomfortable.

The remainder of the cast isn’t much better, though perhaps a little.The film tries to be contentious, sensual, and a touch perverted, but it falls short in every way. Not even soft porn is it.

The film takes the fight for women and degrades it in a way that bears a botched composition derived from old love novels. The portrayal, along with the storyline, “humor,” “drama,” and everything else, is abhorrent. This is a truly disgusting scene.

I can’t even begin to fathom how it must feel for the hundreds of outstanding Argentine cinematographers who have to see films like this being produced and exported when their budgets aren’t even sufficient to complete their productions.

The arts institute of Argentina (INCAA), which is headed by illiterates, crooks, and crooked politicians, is currently on the lookout for the next yellow celebrity to hastily produce the following horror production.

Desire Movie Trailer

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