How to get Souvenirs from buddy Pokemon Go

How to get Souvenirs from buddy Pokemon Go

How to get Souvenirs from buddy Pokemon Go – Hello guys, let us today solve the given question in the heading that how to get Souvenirs from buddy Pokemon Go. There are many who want the answer to these questions, so for that only and for all of such kind of information we are going to explore this article. So, read it completely.

How to get Souvenirs from buddy Pokemon Go
How to get Souvenirs from buddy Pokemon Go

What is Pokemon Go?

A mobile game called Pokemon Go was created by Niantic and The Pokemon Company. It was published in July 2016 and instantly went viral all over the world.

Pokemon can be caught, trained, and fought in the actual world thanks to augmented reality (AR) technology. Players search for Pokemon that appear on a map using their mobile devices, utilising Poke Balls to capture them. Players can take part in gym fights to compete against other players as they level up and catch additional Pokemon. Events and challenges in the game also present chances to earn unique gifts and catch uncommon Pokemon.

The use of “buddy” Pokemon, which may be assigned to a player and will travel with them while earning candies that can be spent to power up or evolve that Pokemon, is one of the game’s distinctive features. All things considered, Pokemon Go is a well-liked and entertaining game that blends the fun of capturing and training Pokemon with the thrill of adventuring in the real world.

How to get Souvenirs from buddy Pokemon Go?

You must take the following actions in Pokemon Go in order to receive gifts from your friend:

  • Tap on your character profile in the lower left corner of the Pokemon Go app once it has been opened.
  • Pick the Pokemon you wish to be your buddy by tapping the “Buddy” tab.
  • Take a stroll with your Pokemon friend. Your walking companion will give you a memento every few kilometres. Depending on the kind of Pokemon you are strolling with and the area where you are, you will receive a different kind of keepsake.
  • Click the “Souvenirs” button in your friend’s profile to see your souvenirs.
  • Additionally, you may view your souvenir collection in your Trainer profile. The “Journal” tab can be accessed by tapping on your character’s profile in the bottom left corner of the screen. You may find a list of your mementoes in the “Buddy History” area.

Keep in mind that you can only take one keepsake from your friend per day, so it’s a good idea to keep them close by so you can take as many souvenirs as you can.

Rarest Souvenirs in Pokemon Go

The Pilot’s Hat is the most elusive memento in Pokemon Go and can only be acquired from a Pikachu friend. The only way to acquire the Pilot’s Hat, an extremely uncommon keepsake, is to travel far distances with a Pikachu friend. Although the precise distance needed to get the Pilot’s Hat keepsake is unknown, it is thought to be between 10 and 15 kilometres. Therefore, you and your Pikachu friend will need to wander a lot if you want to gather this uncommon memento!

What additional information is required regarding Souvenirs in Pokémon Go?

You may also be interested in learning the following information regarding souvenirs in Pokemon Go:

  • By covering a particular amount of ground with your Pokemon friend, you can obtain souvenirs of a certain kind.
  • Depending on the kind of Pokemon you have as your friend, each type of Pokemon has a unique collection of mementoes that it can bestow upon you.
  • It can take a lot of walking to find some mementoes, and some are rarer than others.
  • The gameplay is unaffected by souvenirs, which are only cosmetic.
  • The “Souvenirs” option in your friend’s profile or your Trainer profile both allow you to view the mementoes you’ve gathered.
  • You are only allowed to take one keepsake from your friend per day, therefore it is a good idea to keep them close at all times in order to take as many souvenirs as you can.
  • Additionally, you can trade in-game souvenirs with other players to exchange them.

Overall, collecting mementoes is a great way to customise your Pokemon Go experience and give your friend’s profile a unique touch. The effort of collecting every keepsake can be enjoyable if you’re a completionist, but it does involve a lot of walking and some luck with the more elusive items.

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