How to use reward points in SBI credit card

How to use reward points in SBI credit card

How to use reward points in SBI credit card – You are going to explore the information on the topic of how to use reward points in SBI credit cards. You will get to know each and every type of detail about the given topic and you will able to know about the cards in brief.

How to use reward points in SBI credit card
How to use reward points in SBI credit card

What is an SBI card?

One of India’s biggest public sector banks, State Bank of India (SBI), has a credit card subsidiary that goes by the name SBI Card. Numerous credit cards are available from SBI Card that are targeted at different customer segments, including lifestyle, travel, shopping, fuel, and more.

Customers of SBI Card can take advantage of rewards points, cashback, discounts, and special deals on partner brands, among other advantages. Additionally, SBI Card offers its customers features like simple EMI options, balance transfers, and add-on cards.

Customers have the option of applying for an SBI Card in person or online. Depending on the type of card and the applicant’s profile, the requirements for eligibility and the supporting documentation may change. Customers of SBI Card can check their balances, see statements, make payments and keep track of their points and advantages using online account management tools.

How to use reward points in SBI credit cards?

  • Use the SBI Card website or mobile app to access your SBI credit card account.
  • To redeem your rewards, click the “Rewards” section and then “Redeem Rewards.”
  • Look through the available redemption options and select the one you want to use.
  • Enter the necessary information, including the amount of reward points you want to redeem, your delivery address, and any other necessary details.
  • Verify the redemption request, then send it.
  • You’ll get a confirmation message with the anticipated delivery date as soon as the redemption request has been processed.

What is the value of 1 reward point?

Depending on the SBI credit card type you have and the redemption method you select, 1 SBI reward point can be worth anything. One SBI reward point is typically worth between 0.25 and 4 cents.

If you hold an SBI SimplyCLICK credit card, for instance, the value of 1 reward point when redeemed for gifts or items from the rewards catalogue is 0.25 paise. However, the value of 1 reward point is reduced to 0.25 pence if you use them to pay your credit card bill.

In contrast, if you use an SBI Prime credit card, 1 reward point might be worth up to 4 paise when you exchange it for hotel stays, airline miles, or cinema tickets. If you decide to use 1 reward point to purchase other goods or services, the value of the point may be lower.

Before redeeming your points, make sure you get the most out of them by comparing the value of the redemption option and the reward points. In your SBI credit card account or on the SBI Card website, you can find information about the reward point value and redemption options.

Do SBI reward points expire?

SBI reward points do indeed have a deadline. Depending on the type of credit card you use, different SBI reward points have different expiration dates. The reward points for the majority of SBI credit cards are good for two years after the date of accumulation. The reward points may, however, have a longer validity term for some premium credit cards.

It is crucial to remember that once reward points expire, they cannot be used and will be lost. It is advised to remember when your reward points expire and to utilise them as soon as possible.

You can log in to your SBI credit card account via the SBI Card website or mobile app to view the expiration date of the reward points on your SBI credit card. You may check the balance of your reward points as well as the dates on which they expire in the rewards area. To assist you spend the reward points before they expire, you can also get alerts or notifications.

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