Jailer Movie download in hindi filmyzilla 1080p, Mp4moviez, Filmyhit, Afilmywap

Jailer Movie download in hindi filmyzilla 1080p, Mp4moviez, Filmyhit, Afilmywap

Jailer Movie download in hindi filmyzilla 1080p, Mp4moviez, Filmyhit, Afilmywap – Nelson and Kalanithi Maran of Sun Pictures collaborated to create the 2023 Indian action movie Jailer. Rajinikanth plays the major role in the film, with Vinayakan, Ramya Krishnan, Vasanth Ravi, Sunil, Mirnaa Menon, and Yogi Babu appearing in supporting roles.

Jailer Movie download in hindi filmyzilla 1080p, Mp4moviez, Filmyhit, Afilmywap
Jailer Movie download in hindi filmyzilla 1080p, Mp4moviez, Filmyhit, Afilmywap

Jailer, which had its theatrical debut on August 10, 2023, received positive reviews from critics who praised the movie’s background soundtrack, director, actors, and performances. Between 300 to 350 crores were made by the film globally, placing it among the highest-grossing Indian films of 2023.

Jailer Movie Story

Nelson Dilipkumar wrote and directed the action thriller movie Jailer, which will be released in Tamil in 2023. Rajinikanth plays Muthuvel Pandian, a former prisoner who embarks on a vengeance rampage after his son Arjun (Vasanth Ravi), a loyal police officer, is abducted and mistakenly believed dead by a Malayali thug named Varman (Vinayakan). In supporting parts, the movie also features Tamannaah, Yogi Babu, Mohanlal, Shiva Rajkumar, Jackie Shroff, Ramya Krishnan, and Sunil.

As the movie opens, Muthuvel Pandian is a retired jailer in Chennai leading a calm existence. Arjun and Swetha are his two children, and he and Vijaya “Viji” (Ramya Krishnan) are happily married.

The Malayali gangster Varman, who steals and smuggles idols of gods and sells them to customers abroad, is being investigated by Arjun, an honorable police officer. Criminally ruthless, Varman will kill everyone who stands in his way.

Varman abruptly vanishes as Arjun nears capturing him. He may have committed suicide, according to reports from the police, but Muthuvel doesn’t buy it. He swears to exact retribution because he is aware that Varman is to blame for Arjun’s disappearance.

When Muthuvel sees Narasimha (Jackie Shroff), a former criminal who has turned his life around, he borrows four of his best shooters. Muthuvel humiliates and blackmails Varman with the assistance of Narasimha’s soldiers. After that, he kills the assassins Varman sent to assassinate his family.

When Muthuvel was the jailer of Tihar prison 15 years ago, Kamdev (Sunil), from whom Varman borrowed the goons, admits that he was greatly feared by the inmates.

Then Muthuvel decides to destroy Varman’s company. He eliminates Varman’s top goons and shuts down his smuggling rings. Varman is finally surrounded by Muthuvel and his men, and a gunfight results in Varman’s death.

Varman’s demise completes Muthuvel’s retribution. He goes back to living a tranquil life with his family, but the memories of what he had to do to exact retribution continue to plague him.

The masala action movie Jailer has every aspect that aficionados of the genre adore. There is a ton of drama, comedy, and action. As Muthuvel Pandian, Rajinikanth is in fine form and gives a performance that is both entertaining and emotionally impactful. The supporting cast also excels, with standout performances from Vasanth Ravi, Tamannaah, Yogi Babu, Mohanlal, Shiva Rajkumar, Jackie Shroff, Ramya Krishnan, and Sunil.

Fans of Rajinikanth and action movies will enjoy Jailer because it is well-made and enjoyable. For anyone who appreciates a good masala film, it is a must-see.

Jailer Movie Cast

Rajinikanth “Tiger” Muthuvel “Muthu” Pandian
Ramya Krishnan Vijaya “Viji” Pandian
Vasanth Ravi ACP Arjun Pandian IPS
Sunil Blast Mohan
Yogi Babu Vimal
Mirnaa Menon Swetha
Rithvik Rithvik

Jailer Movie Crew

Directed byNelson
Written byNelson
Produced byKalanithi Maran
CinematographyVijay Kartik Kannan
Edited byR. Nirmal
Music byAnirudh Ravichander
Production companySun Pictures

Jailer Movie Review

Rajinikanth’s first film, Apoorva Raagangal (1975), was reviewed with the line, “Newcomer Rajinikanth is dignified and impressive.” The sentence from Padayappa that has been ingrained in the minds of his devotees, “Vayasanalum un style-um, azhagum,” is evidence that the actor’s majesty and impressiveness have been kept even after almost 50 years. Their most recent film, Jailer, is a pleasant entertainment thanks to their seasoned charisma and director Nelson’s whimsical touches.

In the film, the seasoned actor plays Muthuvel Pandian, a retired prison guard who spends his leisure time helping to record videos for his grandson’s YouTube channel.

When Muthu’s conscientious police officer son Arjun (Vasanth Ravi) digs deep into an idol smuggling ring, trouble comes knocking at Muthu’s door.

Muthu returns to the world he willingly left behind, attributing everything to his son’s apparent adoption of his genuineness.

With the exception of spectacular graphics, outrageous humor, and lead characters with deadpan faces, Nelson’s previous three movies all featured pretty plain tales that were boosted by the director’s smart notions; Jailer is no different.

among fact, Jailer may cause older spectators to think of Thangappathakkam (1974), while Vikram, Kamal Haasan’s most recent blockbuster hit, is certain to trigger memories among younger people.

Aside from featuring the renowned stars in age-appropriate parts, both of the most recent films are about fathers who were once officials in the service but are now seeking revenge with their trusted connections to exact justice for the death of their kid.

The parallels, however, end there because Vikram is a page from a larger film, whereas Jailer is a reduced version of a larger one. Nelson jams a lot of characters into Jailer, and despite the fact that the most of them just receive a little bit of screen time, they all almost appear to fit together like the pieces of a gigantic puzzle.

The film’s main support comes from the racy writing of Jailer, and we are thrown right into the action. As soon as Muthu leaves on a mission, the movie picks up momentum till intermission.

The second half of the film is when things start to get a little too chaotic. The cameo appearances of Mohanlal and Shiva Rajkumar are appreciated, while other characters that are introduced in the second half aren’t as well-liked.

Jailer Movie Trailer

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