JBL DJ Full Set Price in India

JBL DJ Full Set Price in India

JBL DJ Full Set Price in India – Now let us talk about the DJ of the JBL Brand. Yes, my friends, now it is time to discuss the price of the JBL DJ Full Set in India. Not only the price but we will also see the specifications, reviews and many more. So, got through the context completely.

JBL DJ Full Set Price in India
JBL DJ Full Set Price in India

Review on JBL DJ

Most of people cite to use DJ sets as the greatest set because of this, their demand rises at weddings, parties, events, festivals, birthdays etc. In order for our business to succeed and for us to make a lot of money, DJ traders want to buy the items that are in demand in the market. However, there is a solution for them, you can get a JBL DJ set for a very low cost by using a JBL model Cabinet and inserting speakers from any low-cost manufacturer inside of it. You can also install it independently by using a genuine JBL speaker if you like.

By producing JBL DJ Set at a reduced cost, you will be able to offer JBL Model DJ Set to your consumers and reduce your expenses. Let us now provide you with a complete list of original DJ Sets together with their process, so you can learn more before making a purchase.

DJ Set Price in India

Price of a Full Set DJ: To purchase a full set DJ, you must have a minimum of 2 Bass, 4 Top, 2 Amplifiers, 1 Stabiliser, and 1 DJ Mixer. You may also choose to select 4 Bass and 4 Top.

Top DJ Set


When it comes to sound quality and texture, the SRX8285 series boss DJ box with 2,000 watts is the best for professional DJs. This box from the series has dual speakers. DJs and bands tend to use it more for low-frequency music. It cost $2, 049.00 in the US and around 1,68,555 in India, plus any applicable shipping costs.


  • 1500 Watts, Continuous Power Rating
  • Rating of Power (W, Peak) 2000 Hz (3 dB)
  • Frequency Response Maximum SPL (peak dB)
  • range: 35 to 120 141


It has a tweeter and two speakers. This is the ideal option for DJs and bands in terms of high-frequency. It costs $959 in America, which translates to 78,917 in India. Its price can vary depending on the moment and location.


  • 600 Watts of continuous power rating
  • Rating of Power (W, Peak) 2400
  • Range of Frequency Hz (-10 dB)
  • Frequency Response 48 – 19,000 Hz (3 dB) 61 – 16,000
  • (dB SPL 1w/1m) Sensitivity 100
  • Impedance Nominal (Ohms) 4
  • Peak SPL (maximum dB) 134


If your want to take 4 Bass and a top from the corporation, the SWX 2100 for bass and the SPX 1200 for the top might be a fantastic choice for you. It might cost roughly Rs. 1,062,000. A discount will be applied to the pricing if you only wish to purchase a single bass and top. Whose cost may be requested of us here?


  • 2000W RMS/4000W Power Rating Programme
  • Configuration One-Way
  • Frequency Response 36-200Hz
  • Small Frequency Speaker: 2 x 457.2mm
  • Weight: 99.00kg

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