Raees movie download in hindi Vegamovies, Telegram Link, Movieverse, Bollyfix

Raees movie download in hindi Vegamovies, Telegram Link, Movieverse, Bollyfix

Raees movie download in hindi Vegamovies, Telegram Link, Movieverse, Bollyfix – The 2017 Indian action film Raees, which was also co-produced by Excel Entertainment and Red Chillies Entertainment, was directed by Rahul Dholakia. It features Mahira Khan, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, and Shah Rukh Khan. The claim that Raees is based on the life of the criminal Abdul Latif has been refuted by the film’s creators.

Raees movie download in hindi Vegamovies, Telegram Link, Movieverse, Bollyfix
Raees movie download in hindi Vegamovies, Telegram Link, Movieverse, Bollyfix

Raees Story

Rahul Dholakia’s 2017 Indian crime-action film “Raees” features Shah Rukh Khan, Mahira Khan, and Nawazuddin Siddiqui in key roles. The emergence of a bootlegger named Raees Alam is the central theme of the movie, which is set against the backdrop of Gujarat, India, in the 1980s and 1990s.

Plot Summary:

Raees Alam (played by Shah Rukh Khan) develops in the destitute region of Gujarat’s Fatehpur. He begins as a bootlegger in Gujarat, a state that forbids the sale of alcohol, and quickly becomes well-known and powerful in the neighborhood. He is revered by many for his philanthropic gestures and assistance to the destitute despite his illicit activities.

However, ACP Majmudar (played by Nawazuddin Siddiqui), a motivated police officer who is committed to putting an end to Raees’ illicit operations, notices Raees’ achievement. The two engage in a cat-and-mouse game as Raees broadens his empire and Majmudar steps up his efforts to apprehend him.

In the middle of this, Raees develops feelings for Aasiya, a teacher played by Mahira Khan, and their romance is central to the narrative. Raees encounters possibilities and obstacles as his criminal empire expands, which frequently results in heated disputes with law enforcement and other gang members.

The movie explores issues of authority, morality, loyalty, and the hazy distinction between good and evil. It illustrates Raees’ progression from a casual bootlegger to a significant player in the criminal underground while he navigates interpersonal relationships and the repercussions of his decisions.

“Raees” is a tale of ambition, self-sacrifice, and the decisions people make in the course of achieving their objectives. High-octane action scenes, touching scenes, and powerful performances from the main characters are all featured in the movie. Raees Alam is portrayed as a multifaceted character who toes the line between being a criminal and a hero like Robin Hood, which gives the story more depth.

Like many movies in this genre, “Raees” explores the contrast between the protagonist’s illegal deeds and his redeeming characteristics, making it a thought-provoking and compelling watch for viewers.

Raees Cast

Shah Rukh KhanRaees
Nawazuddin SiddiquiIPS Majmudar (as Nawazuddin Siddique)
Sunny LeoneLaila
Jaideep AhlawatNawab
Mohd. Zeeshan AyyubSadiq (as Zeeshan Ayub)
Mahira KhanAasiya
MenakaMohalla Woman 2
Atul KulkarniJairaj

Raees Crew

Directed byRahul Dholakia
Written byRahul Dholakia
Harit Mehta
Ashish Vashi
Niraj Shukla
Produced byRitesh Sidhwani
Farhan Akhtar
Gauri Khan
CinematographyK. U. Mohanan
Edited byDeepa Bhatia
Music byAdditional Songs:
Songs & Score:
Ram Sampath
Production companiesRed Chillies Entertainment
Excel Entertainment

Raees Review

Prepare for a return to the famous Salim-Javed blockbusters of the 1970s, when the hero matures in the middle of the action, every other phrase is intended to highlight the character’s swagger, a Helen song (sung here by Sunny Leone) relieves the tension, and action sequences make you want to whistle.

Raees is carrying that legacy on. Shah Rukh Khan portrays the titular role of a spectacled goon who despises the name “battery”; he begins with innocent Ponzi schemes before moving on to pre-planned rackets and eventually rising to the position of top bootlegger in his community. He encounters his equal when ACP Majmudar (Nawazuddin Siddiqui) is appointed in his region. Raees develops relationships with officials that help him grow his business, but he quickly becomes a pain in their neck.

Majmudar’s one-liners and the music whet your appetite in the first half, which is well-paced, engaging, and makes you want to root for the bootlegger. The Laila Main Laila scene raises the stakes. However, the second half deviates strangely into a Robin Hood territory where the antihero’s morals are abruptly defibrillated and he is transformed into a messiah. The rest of the film follows a rocky course, and the lengthy running time just adds to the turbulence.

Shah Rukh Khan looks angrier than ever; for once, instead of spreading his arms, he is breaking others’. He carries the majority of the weight and the full burden of the film. When he doesn’t, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, who is always so dependable, fills the gap with his electrifying performance. He provides some comic relief while playing the Tom to Khan’s Jerry in the distinctive Nawaz manner. Mahirah doesn’t really contribute much because she is just allowed to sing and be in a few intense sequences. If her goal was to make the evil guy more likeable, the viewer doesn’t get it.

The film can feel a little drawn out, but if you’re looking for some good ol’ popcorn fun and a wonderful Shah Rukh performance, it might just “raees” to the occasion.

Raees Trailer

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